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Chrome extension with quick links to web apps like Facebook, Youtube™, Google™ Search, Twitter, Vevo™ Music Videos, How to use Whatsapp Web, Quick links to Facebook, Best Instagram Photos, Earth Map, Quick links to Messenger, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail™, Games and Yahoo Weather.

Easy app's shortcuts for Chrome. Just add it to Chrome to see it live.

Modern flat look. You will love this Chrome extension.

Get the Apps extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Feel free to share this chrome extension using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. Instagram is a trademark of Facebook Inc. Yahoo is a trademark of Yahoo Inc. YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Maps are trademarks of Google Inc. Facebook or WhatsApp doesn't endorse or sponsor this app. All images and texts meets Facebook Trademark Guidelines and WhatsApp Trademark Guidelines. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.
Change Facebook layout with fave.

fave is an extension for Chrome that adds new design to Facebook.

- 2 columns layout optimized for Chromebook.
- Adds timer - now you can see how long you are on Facebook.
- Quick links to Facebook groups, pages, events, calendar, friend's photos, friends list, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.
- Removes the right side of the Facebook Newsfeed.
- Makes the left side smaller.
- Makes the chats panel only with photos and status.
- Changes the position of the search bar.

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WhatsApp is one of the most used app on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Everyone have an WhatsApp account.

And here is the big question: Is it possible to use WhatsApp on my Laptop under Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook? Yes, it is!

There are several articles about how to use WhatsApp on PC, Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook?

Short explained is:
1. You need your phone and WhatsApp instaled on it.
2. Visit WhatsApp Web
3. Scan code
4. You are online on smartphone and computer

If you check the solution from Messenger For Web you will be on the right way:

WhatsApp Web

16 gram - Instragram Web
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